Navajo Nation Fair 2010

PRESS RELEASE - Spetember 4, 2010
CONTACT: Daniel Vandever, Public Information Officer
Phone: 928-810-8510

Navajo Nation Fair Parade 2009

photo by B.Moore

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Skaters join in on the fun

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. –They were all young, they were all misunderstood, but they were all included. Rappers, DJs, Break Dancers and Graffiti Artists were all given the opportunity to showcase their unique talents at the 64th Annual Navajo Nation Fair, but there was one group of the youth that was left out. Skaters.

After an agreement with the Navajo Nation Museum to serve as the venue for a skateboarding event, the Ceremonial Elements, as part of the Special Events Office, has opened the Navajo Nation Fair to skateboarders across the Southwest.

Apache Skateboards and Douglas Miles ( will be hosting the skateboard competition, and with the clout of the Apache Skateboard name, should come the clout of the event.

Apache Skateboards made an appearance at the Santa Fe Indian Market this year, but it was Mr. Miles’ voice through graphic art that created some waves among the younger audiences.

“We chose Apache Skateboards to host the skateboard event to give young Navajo people inspiration,” explained the fair’s Youth Entertainment coordinator, Kim Smith. “They do an amazing job putting on skate competitions, and they’re known in the skate world both nationally and internationally.”

There was a delay in the inclusion of skaters in the fair’s youth entertainment due to finding an appropriate venue, but after the agreement with the Navajo Nation Museum, everyone is included.

“From a community level, people don’t realize how much joy [skateboarding] brings to young people,” stated Smith. “It has so much meaning to our younger community.”

Registration for the skateboard competition is on Sunday, September 12 at 12PM at the Navajo Nation Museum. It is five dollars to enter and there will be live music.

All skaters must have the appropriate safety equipment to enter and they must have their own skateboard.

For more information please visit or contact the Kim Smith at 505-573.8171.


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